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Yantai shengming fluid metering technology Co. Ltd. (formerly Yantai meter factory) specializes in liquid dynamic control system for metering delivery; quantitative liquid filling measurement equipment; packaging equipment vat of chemical liquid quantitative chemical ingredients; automatic measurement and control system; oil temperature, liquid level, flow measurement and monitoring system; liquid (cooking oil) R & D, filling machine series the production and sale of products. At the same time specializing in automation control project design, production, installation and debugging. The company worked closely with the smoke in universities, taking advantage of the technology of their common development needs of users of products, the company after ten years of continuous innovation and development has become the industrial automation control system and professional liquid quantitative metering control products R & D and production center.

The product pipeline metering equipment: Yantai chemical liquid filling equipment, automatic filling equipment, liquid fertilizer barrel filling machine, self feeding conveyor quantitative metering system, sulfuric acid liquid automatic filling system, chemical additives quantitative loading system, mobile equipment, quantitative measurement of nitrate xylene filling equipment (automatic barrel flowmeter), defoamer pipeline the quantitative conveying equipment, silica sol quantitative packaging equipment, VAT dressing agent quantitative loading equipment, explosion-proof type liquid chemical tanker barrel equipment, chemical liquid automatic packaging equipment, Yantai mobile chemical liquid filling machine, automatic filling equipment, chemical additives, mobile hydrogen peroxide and filling machine, automatic metering two methylacetamide barrel equipment, chemical raw materials quantitative barrel filling machine (chemical raw materials including: plasticizer, fatty acid, water reducer, cement grinding Such as automatic dosing and batching, such as phosphoric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, two methyl acetamide, methyl pyrrolidone, sodium chlorite, soybean lecithin, liquid fertilizer, crude oil demulsifier, etc..

Weighing filling machine products are: Yantai weighing filling machine, double weighing filling machine, liquid filling scale, weighing type chemical weighing filling machine, liquid filling machine, weighing weighing vat of liquid filling machine, automatic weighing and filling machine, filling VAT scales, electronic balance weighing filling machine, filling machine, weighing liquid fertilizer high viscosity chemical liquid filling machine, liquid filling machine, explosion-proof chemical quantitative explosion-proof type weighing filling machine.

The reactor automatic batching products: chemical additives tons of barrels quantitative filling system and automatic batching metering control system, liquid chemical reaction kettle with automatic feeding, weighing and batching system liquid chemical dosing device, liquid chemical additives, multi-channel measurement system workshop multi tank automatic batching equipment, automatic batching system, feeding reactor reactor quantitative measurement chemical liquid feeding system, automatic weighing batching equipment, automatic weighing batching metering control system, workshop multi liquid automatic batching system, the quality of liquid metering centralized control system, automatic control system, oil tank measurement and monitoring system of centralized control.

Liquid filling machine products are: soft packaging aluminum foil bag filling machine, liquid filling machine, filling production line of edible oil, edible oil filling machine, filling machine, bag in box packaging in edible oil filling machine, small package edible oil filling machine, filling packaging automatic edible oil filling machine, oil filling machine, juice the cream filling machine, filling machine, plastic bag filling machine, beverage filling machine, filling machine, lubricating oil sauce filling machine, semi-automatic liquid filling machine, liquid machine.

Company R & D and production of liquid flow measurement control instrument, liquid filling measurement equipment and automatic centralized measurement, monitoring and control system of material management and other products, by using computer and automatic control technology, combined with advanced mechanical design, liquid flow rate constant conveying control measurement, its advanced structure, high precision, good the reliability and stability, won the majority of customers praise. The company has always followed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, realized the purchase from raw materials to product output; until the product is out of the factory; after service inspection of the whole process, to ensure high quality products. "Product quality, rest assured, service intimate" is the company's consistent business philosophy, and has always been committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and perfect service.

The company is specialized in the development and manufacture of liquid quality measuring equipment, and has obtained many patents. The company has a dynamic liquid mass flow metering technology in the domestic industry leader. The utility model is a new intelligent flow meter control technology which is different from the static weighing type liquid metering, metering pump and measuring tank and other measuring methods. The metering liquid quantitative filling sent according to customer needs, internal measurement and measurement of foreign sales the company's products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, alcohol, milk, edible oil, food and other fields, provide a strong guarantee for the development and management of the enterprises.

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