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Filling method of weighing type liquid filling machine
Update time:2017-03-20

Yantai chengmaing fluid metering technology limited company in the 2017's flagship product - weighing type liquid filling machine, weighing type liquid filling machine is characterized by the use of electronic scales measuring accuracy, the weight sensor and electronic weighing control instrument of our company with a data cable connection, weighing in the process of measuring the pressure signal of the electronic scale continuously transmitted to the control instrument type liquid filling machine, control instrument, stop the pump closed pneumatic valve in the preset quantitative weight. Weighing liquid filling machine accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, bubbles and other factors. Filling machine is easy to operate, time-saving, labor-saving, simple installation, no debugging, easy to use and maintenance. The United States Maitre Toledo weighing instrument and sensor. Ensure high accuracy, stable and reliable quality. Filling capacity: 80-130 barrel / hour, weighing and filling machine automatic peeling function. In the design range, the number of kilograms arbitrarily set the required filling weight. In the process of filling the end is provided with a deceleration system, close to the quantitative value of automatic deceleration, to prevent overflow, ensure the accuracy (deceleration time can be adjusted optionally according to a complete keyboard), weighing and filling machine is equipped with a unique vacuum suction device, ensure no leakage after filling. Filling metering accuracy is better than 0.2%. Any liquid raw materials weighing type liquid filling machine is suitable for food and chemical engineering, and the body is tailored according to customer requirements, the preferred Yantai chengmaing liquid filling machine, welcome new and old customers to contact us, look forward to cooperating with you!