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Chemical filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

    Chemical liquid quantitative packing drum equipment suitable for chemical, edible oil, wine, dairy, juice, beverage and other industries, used for single-channel and multi-channel liquid barrel filling the quantitative (can be customized according to user needs anti-corrosion explosion-proof system).

    The equipment application of microcomputer with the latest technology and unique reliable digital and analog circuit technology, the instrument on the measuring accuracy and anti-jamming capability is in the domestic leading level, data protection, high reliability, can be used in a harsh environment. This system has realized the dynamic tracing of a wide range of temperature 30 ℃, 180 ℃ (-), density compensation, can automatically track the medium temperature and density change, make the measurement of liquid quality will not change along with the change of temperature. The large capacity of the main chip makes the instrument faster, more accurate, easier to operate, and the data is never lost and the measurement accuracy is superior to the 0.2. The system can print the actual amount of oil in real time. And the remote control can be operated remotely by wireless remote control or cable, which has many advantages such as scientific management of computer network.

Brief workflow:

1.Put the bucket in place;

2.The quantity of the quantity and the number of barrels of direct input liquid from the liquid quantitative metering control instrument;

3.Put the oil gun in the bucket and start the meter to begin measuring the filling VAT;

4.To issue control instructions from the control instrument, open the relevant valves, pumps, and begin to pay for the measurement;

5.Turn off the relevant valves and pumps when the preset values are to be reached;

6.Change the second bucket, put the oil gun in the bucket, and fill it in accordance with the steps 3, 4, 5, and the filling of the whole VAT;

7. filling pay end of material measurement and control instrument with a built-in printer to print out pay expected result (include: kg number, year, month, day, hours, minutes, instrument there a clock function).

The process is automatic filling process, controlled by automatic control instrument, which can be activated by pressing the remote control or instrument.