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Chemical solvent filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24


    Yantai liquid filling machine, please choose yantai sheng Ming fluid metering technology co., LTD., the company production of chemical solvents automatic filling machine is controlled by the liquid flow metering instrument, flow transmitter, temperature transmitter, balance the non-return valve (or pipe valve), one-piece oil gun (or combination oil gun), filter, mobile car body parts, such as liquid flow metering controller real-time acquisition of the volume of flow transmitter pulse signal, through the acquisition of temperature transmitter temperature signal to realize real-time temperature compensation of liquid density so as to realize quality of high precision dynamic measurement of liquid flow rate. Chemical solvent automatic liquid filling machine can be independently handling car (ship) measurement, workshop process of wool oil and refined oil metering, continuous irrigation vats of filling measurement, such as the reaction kettle ingredients quantitative control, also can connect with computer, forming a centralized-distributed computer monitoring and management system.

Technical performance indicator

1.Measurement accuracy of 0.2, satisfying the international standards for commercial trade settlement;

2.It can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, lubricating oil, vegetable oil, wine, beverage, etc;

3. real-time monitoring medium temperature, automatic compensation for dielectric density;

4. wide range of temperature tracking (~ 20 ℃ ~ 160 ℃);

5.The automatic filling machine of chemical solvent automatic filling machine adopts pressure automatic compensation technology, overcome the disadvantages of measuring accuracy by the change of liquid level of storage tank;

6.The use of oil and gas separation technology to ensure the automatic separation of gas and gas from the oil and gas in the discharge of the vehicle, in order to improve the measurement accuracy;

7. the data is kept permanently after the power outage, in case of a check up, suddenly the power loss is turned on, and the number of measurement and the number of barrels can be shown before the power failure is displayed;

8.Printing daily accumulative, total accumulative, instrument parameter, measurement value and payment time, date and so on, can choose the Chinese character printer or the word wheel printer;

9.Automatic identification technology of chemical solvent automatic filling machine, which has the function of self-diagnosis and automatic alarm operation;

10.It has automatic protection and correction function.