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Pry mounted equipment
Update time:2017-04-24

  It is a new type of liquid automatic measuring equipment developed by yantai sanming fluid measurement technology co., LTD. And has independent intellectual property rights. Many years of field use, technical improvement, is a kind of technology very mature, reliable liquid automatic filling barrel equipment.

Advantages of a liquid quantitative measuring device:

High accuracy and good stability.

  The liquid temperature automatic tracking device is used to automatically track the liquid temperature and the density automatic compensation technology, which ensures that the accuracy of liquid measurement is not affected by the change of density. Unique combination of fluid control technology, automatic pressure compensation, to establish quantitative automatic stop, impulse automatic adjustment to ensure a complete set of measuring equipment such as filling accuracy within 0.2 ﹪. To meet the requirements of trade measurement.

Secondly, it is convenient to move, save energy and save effort.

  Device prizing type liquid filling quantitative measuring equipment of working procedures: bucket was relieved from the skin over the bucket on the ground or car weighing, one operator, set filling quantity (kg/l) by remote control, automatic timing control or flow control devices start button control, handheld charging gun into the barrel mouth, to set up good filling quantity automatically stop filling, then put the charging gun under the next filling a bucket. The operator can control the liquid filling and the filling pace. Save the empty barrels according to skin, heavy buckets weighing transport links, greatly improve the filling efficiency, avoid artificial factors and the filling quantity is not enough or too much and cause disputes and loss.

We can produce the flow measuring car according to the demand of the customers, which can be used in the various kinds of liquid industries, such as unloading, automatic filling, filling tank, and quantitative loading.

Third, easy to install, easy to move, design compact, cover area small.

  The production and assembly of skid-mounted equipment is completed in the factory, and the installation of the site is minimal, and the connection between the interface pipe and the external electrical connection can be done. Because functional components are integrated into a single base, the overall migration is easy. The skid-mounted device is compact and occupies less space than traditional installations.