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Anticorrosion PTFE filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

The main function and advantages of a liquid quantitative injection vehicle for acid and alkali:

1.In the measurement process, the measuring medium is tested, the density compensates, and the measurement accuracy is not affected by the temperature change of the medium;

2.The measuring unit: kilogram. After placing the plastic bucket in advance, the plastic bucket can be loaded directly into the loading bucket without the tedious process of peeling, weighing, loading and unloading;

3.By means of control instrument 0 -- the number of cans can be quantitatively quantified by the number of filling quantity of a per barrel;

4.The pipeline parts of the liquid quantitative refueling cart are available in cast-iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and teflon. The whole explosion-proof can be realized in the measurement section;

5. charging car built-in miniature epson word wheel printer but at the end of each batch filling automatic printing: single barrel weight barrels, total weight, filling, filling date and time. (the explosion control device does not carry a printer);

6.The cumulative and cumulative printing of the daily;

7.The combination filling head of the acid base type liquid is equipped with the pressure control one-way valve, which automatically opens when the pump is started, and then automatically closes after the pump stops. Make sure the plumbing stays full;

8.The high precision flowmeter ensures that the measuring accuracy is better than two thousand;

9.To save people, only two people can complete the filling, and the filling process can be done by one person when using remote control;

Operation flow: in 200kg/pail, 50 barrels are needed:

1.The filling gun is inserted into the bucket;

2.Keyboard operation: 200 to quantitative, 50 to start (filling begins, reaching 200 kg and automatic stop pump);

3.Insert the filling gun into the other empty barrel and press the trigger. The result is automatically printed after 50 barrels are filled;

4.print format:

200 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

50 -- -- -- -- -- --

10,000 -- -- -- -- -- --

2013-09-08 - (this filling date)

08:50 -- - (this time the filling time)