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Single head filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

     Single head packing filling machine is specially used for quantitative filling of soft packing of liquid material (box, bag, plastic bag, aluminium foil bag), the quantitative range is 5L-50L, and vacuum filling method is adopted. Filling process: capping, filling and capping, the whole filling process is completed automatically (filling and stopping at the same time, filling mouth suction back, to ensure the filling mouth no residual liquid on the package). Main pneumatic parts and electrical components are imported parts, to ensure system stability, quality excellence, system control using imported OMRON PLC and related accessories. Can be widely used in edible oil, chemicals, wine, food, fruit juice, dairy, lubricating oil and other industries.
Soft packing liquid filling machine parameter:
Measuring accuracy is 0.2% (whole machine filling error is less than 15 grams)
Medium temperature 0-60 DEG C
Gas source parameter: working pressure: 0.8Mpa, gas consumption: 0.6m3/min
Operating voltage 220V + 10%
Filling speed of 15 seconds, filling 22 liters (including cover, filling, gland time)
Production capacity 22 liters bag count: 200 bags / hour (according to the proficiency level and liquid viscosity has increased or decreased)
Filling specification 5-50kg
Exterior size 1050mm * 530mm * 1100mm
Plastic bag, support plate, wide 700mm