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Small package filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

      Double head small package filling machine is developed and manufactured by customers. Suitable for filling oil, and keg food, condiment, liquid chemical etc.. The tanker respectively provided with the filling gas gun, while filling 2 kinds of different medium, operation instrument set on the front panel, refueling machine is convenient, the filling volume according to user requirements set, the machine has a print function, can be timely to gas data printing. At the same time, the anti oxidation filling of medium materials can be realized to ensure the original characteristics of the oil products.
Specific index:
1、 single head filling speed: cover, suction vacuum, filling, gland, the whole process of 14 seconds / bag (22 liters), plus bagging, bag unloading action, the whole process in 16-18 seconds. A total of 3 litres will take less than 15 seconds;
2、 single head filling production: 20 liters / bag, 180 bags / hour yield - 220 bags / hour, depending on the degree of skilled workers; 5 litre bags maximum yield of about 300 - 380 bags / hour, two times the double production capacity of single head;
3、 measuring accuracy 0.2%;
4、 the caliber of the pipe entrance: Phi 40;
5、 medium temperature: 0 - 60 DEG c;
6、 air pressure: 0.8Mpa;
7、 in the design range arbitrarily set the required filling weight;
8、 pneumatic control to ensure tight pipe closed.