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Explosion proof filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

    Explosion-proof charging car, portable explosion-proof quantitative packing drum machine, liquid filling machine, liquid automatic quantitative filling machine is my company for chemical products production, sales, research and development in the metrology area of quantitative quality measurement system, measurement units: kg. Mainly controlled by the liquid flow metering instrument, flow transmitter, temperature transmitter, balance the non-return valve (or pipe valve), one-piece oil gun (or combination oil gun), filter components, such as liquid flow metering controller real-time acquisition of the volume of flow transmitter pulse signal, through the acquisition of temperature transmitter temperature signal to realize real-time temperature compensation of liquid density so as to realize quality of high precision dynamic measurement of liquid flow rate.

The main features and advantages of the portable oil gun filling machine:

1.Measuring accuracy of 0.2, satisfying the international standards for commercial trade settlement;

2.Maneuverability is strong, rapid loading and unloading, more than one material, can be widely used in chemical, vegetable oil, oil, lubricating oil, chemical, wine, beverage industries such as loading, unloading and packaging barrels, etc.;

3.On the basis of quality measurement, the quantitative control is achieved, which can be automatically quantitatively loaded the barrels and the quantitative loading and unloading of the vehicles;

4. real-time monitoring medium temperature, automatic compensation for dielectric density;

5.wide range of temperature tracking (~ 20 ℃ ~ 160 ℃);

6.Adopting unique signal processing and transmission technology to ensure the steady and reliable flow signal to ensure the accuracy of measurement;

7.The use of automatic pressure compensation technology to overcome the shortcomings of the measurement accuracy of storage tank level changes;

8.The use of oil and gas separation technology to ensure the automatic separation of gas and gas from the oil and gas in the discharge of the vehicle to improve the measurement accuracy;

9.The data is kept permanently after the power failure, in case of the power failure, the power of the power of the power of the power of the power;

10.Adopting automatic identification technology, which has the function of self-diagnosis and auto-alarm operation;

11.Automatic protection and correction of faults;

12.The ability of anti-jamming to prevent the influence of strong electromagnetic interference on measuring accuracy and reliability of instrument;

13.The various parameters in the instrument can be adjusted manually to facilitate the on-line debugging and verification;

14.The instrument has a real-time clock, which can display the time and date in real time so that the user can consult the oil situation at any time;

15.The instrument has a suspension function, and the restart can be resumed after the suspension.

16The four starting keys can be filled continuously (to enter consecutive number of irrigation times), and can be filled (no need to enter the filling number);

17.With a timer start function, the start time interval can be adjusted arbitrarily;

18.Equipped with an overflow leak and antistatic system;

19.Can be resistant to acid and alkali, have explosion-proof function.