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Mobile filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

    Our company specializing in the production of portable liquid filling system of measurement, high measuring accuracy (0.2%), the product is suitable for many varieties, many quantitative measurement between the tank filling, equipment imported fast connection, convenient user free switch between the different varieties of raw materials, can also according to the need to position quantitatively conveying different filling, quantitative unloading, etc.

Product features:

1. Oil automatic quantitative filling machine application of microcomputer with the latest technology and unique design approach for a wide range of temperature dynamic tracing (- 20 ℃ to 153 ℃), the density compensation, computer automatic tracking adjust capacity of oil temperature and density change, and makes the oil quality along with the change of temperature and density and produce error, measuring accuracy is better than the national standard 0.2 magnitude measurement precision (0.2%) or less;

2. The large capacity of main chip to make the speed, higher precision and more stable performance, operation more convenient, and the data is never lost, but also with a large screen LCD monitor, remote control, and computer network to realize scientific management, and many other advantages;

3.To view or print the amount of oil at any time, the cumulative total and the total accumulated data;

4.After an unexpected power outage is restarted, the final payment of oil is shown to avoid disputes with customers;

5.The instrument can be started or stopped by a wired remote control. Suitable for chemical liquids, edible oil, oil, emulsion, food, etc;

6.According to the needs of the user, it is necessary to produce the automatic filling, quantitative loading, unloading measurement and pouring measurement of the various industries;

Key technical parameters:

Diameter is applicable to flow efficiency

Φ 15 retail and filling packaging 10 kg/min

Φ 25 filling 10 to 50 kg small bucket of 60 kg/min

Φ 40 filling 180 kg drum 180 kg/min

Φ 50 180 kg drum and filling tanker of 220 kg/min

Φ filling tanker 900 kg / 80 minutes

Note: the above data is for reference only, specific parameter and filling liquid medium; Selected flow transmitter; The user's selection of pumps is related.