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Remote control filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

    Yantai sheng Ming metering technology co., LTD, specializing in the production of liquid automatic quantitative barrel filling equipment, the automatic quantitative barrel filling equipment is suitable for large iron, plastic buckets, tons of barrels bottled products such as filling measurement, quantitative barrel device through control of the weight of the liquid transportation of all kinds of liquid filling the quantitative automatic - barrel, loading, the equipment type, explosion-proof type switch, remote start metal, far, meet the requirements of different areas of the filling, suitable range of edible oil, spices, fruit juice, fructose, liquid food materials, chemical additives, additives, additives, acid, alcohol, ester, and so on filling the quantitative and quantitative feeding.

The filling principle of automatic quantitative filling barrel equipment:

    In the process of fluid conveying, measuring control instrument computer equipment for pipe flow meter and temperature sensor signal timing acquisition, measuring the temperature change of the controller will be collected signals and traffic volume through conversion to synchronize density compensation coefficient, computing the weight value of the timely. The equipment automatically controls the stop pump when it reaches the fixed weight, and realizes the automatic filling VAT and the quantity of measurement. The measuring accuracy was better than 0.2%.

Remote liquid quantitative filling machine name:

1.Intelligent fluid flow meter control meter;

2.The pump (we can supply the customer, we can provide);

3.Balancing reverse valves (according to different liquids or solenoid valves, pneumatic ball valves);

4. filters;

5,.the temperature transmitter;

6. the straight pipe section after the table;

7,.flow meter;

8.Hold a filling gun;

9.Hose (customer's own);

10. and the remote control.