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Automatic control system
Update time:2017-04-24

      Fluid automation control system applied to stockpile batching system of management, fluid automation control system adopts research China industrial PC and Siemens PLC as the core, build a small DCS system, with the flow, temperature, liquid level, pressure sensors, such as to make the system achieve the multi-channel and dynamic measurement of liquid in storage tank farm of centralized monitoring and management. Fluid automation control system of liquid measurement by industrial computer graphical interface, need for each measuring line for parameter setting, measuring, such as start/stop operation, and in the process of operation can be real-time fault alarm, the user operation is simple, convenient and practical. Each line of the start/stop control either through industrial computer graphical interface operation, but also through the control button to control cabinet, can also be operated by pay oil field of the control button. Fluid automation control system has powerful data management functions, every road, every time pay oil data will be stored in the database, the system will be to summarize the data, the user may at any time for statistical data of past, query and report output. Monitoring and monitoring by monitoring and PLC are the most advanced and reliable means of industrial automation. Siemens PLC average trouble-free operation can reach tens of thousands of hours in a row, and the most suitable for strong interference, industrial site conditions, industrial control computer is designed for industrial site specific, can be continuous, safe and reliable operation, and research China industrial computer is the most famous of these, so this is the ideal choice of the field measurement and control system.