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Explosion proof filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

First, the working principle:
Explosion proof weighing filling machine is characterized by the use of quantitative measurement of electronic scales measuring accuracy, the weight sensor electronic weighing control instrument with our data line connection, in the process of measuring the pressure signal of electronic scale continuous transmission to control instruments, control instrument, stop the pump closed pneumatic valve in the preset quantity when the weight of. The accuracy of this model is not affected by density, temperature, pressure, bubbles and other factors. It can be filled with viscous liquid. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, time saving, labor saving, convenient installation, convenient use and maintenance. With explosion-proof function.
Two, simple operation process:
1. Placing parameter of control instrument (first use or regular debugging).
2. enter quantitative filling value.
3. the loading of containers in the pan (roller), press the start button.
4. The filling head falls off automatically. The filling mouth is inserted into the container and the filling is started.
5.to achieve the preset quantitative value, pneumatic valve automatically closed - stop filling, filling head rising, complete the filling process.
6. the container filled with material removed from the pan, pushed to the conveying rollers.
Repeat the above process to complete the filling operation of the liquid material.
Three, product features:
1. automatic peeling function.
2. in the design scope of 0-300kg (small package for 0-50kg, big packing for 0-300kg), arbitrarily set the required filling weight.
3. the filling process at the end of the deceleration system, close to the quantitative value of automatic deceleration, to prevent overflow, to ensure accuracy (deceleration time can be adjusted by keyboard input, random adjustment, once completed).
4. pneumatic control to ensure tight pipe closed.