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Double head filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

      Weighing type liquid filling machine adopts high precision electronic weighing technology, combined with automatic filling technology, so as to realize the high precision dynamic measuring and filling of liquid medium, affecting the measurement accuracy is not affected by the pressure, temperature, air and other factors, the installation and debugging of simple use, convenient maintenance, can be widely used in chemical industry, quantitative filling edible oil, lubricating oil, wine, beverage, building materials and other industries.
major function
1. the United States meitelei tolido weighing sensor, high measuring accuracy, stable and reliable;
2. automatic peeling function;
3. in the design range arbitrarily set the required filling weight;
4. fast and slow filling automatic control, in order to prevent overflow;
5. vacuum suction to ensure that the filling liquid will not pollute the packaging containers;
6. the use of clear, stable 13mm 6 bit highlight LED display;
7. using light touch button, instrument automatically cleared;
8. with self diagnostic function;
9. adopt switch power supply, instrument can work in wide voltage range (AC85V - 265V);
10. automatic correction function with drop;
11. with explosion-proof function;
12. double head production is two times as many as single head.
Main technical indexes
1. filling weight: 5 ~ 50kg;
2. production capacity: 80~260 barrels /h;
3. weighing error: less than 0.2%;
4. liquid material inlet pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.35MPa;
5. work pressure: 0.6 ~ 0.7MPa;
6. power supply: AC220V + 10%;
7. power consumption: less than 0.1KW;
8. working temperature: -5, --65 degrees;
9. relative humidity: less than 90% relative humidity (no condensate).