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Double head filling machine
Update time:2017-04-24

      Our company's double head middle packing filling machine adopts double flow meter, differential pressure feeding design, adapts to all kinds of chemical liquid raw materials, vegetable oil, fruit juice, lubricating oil products and other high viscosity liquid quantitative filling. The filling capacity can be quantitatively quantified by the quantitative keyboard, and the quantity can be changed at one time through the keyboard. The operation is simple and the accuracy is 0.2% through the coordination of the mainframe computer and the 0.2% precision Omar flowmeter. Special design of negative pressure suction filling nozzle, so that the production process without dripping. The machine can gap operation, can also be continuous operation, and can be a single way filling.
Performance and technical index
1. filling accuracy: less than 0.2%;
2. filling capacity can be freely set: 0.1 - 99.99Kg;
3. filling capacity: 120 Bags / hour (per bag of 20L by a single head filling.);
4. working voltage: AC220V, 50Hz;
5. power consumption of the whole machine: 1.1kW;
6. measuring method: quality or volume can be arbitrarily converted;
7. temperature tracking range: 0 - 60 DEG c;
8. data protection period: greater than 10 years;
9. on-site liquid verification, user-friendly calibration;
10. use drip proof oil leakage nozzle to stop the oil drip at the end of filling;
11. vacuum suction technique is used to suck the residual fluid back into the storage tank;
12. use internal pump or external pump to supply liquid system, improve filling efficiency;
13. equipped with air supply pressure: 0.60--1.2MPa;
14. work pressure: 0.4--0.7MPa.
Two. Introduction of filling process of double head packing:
     By hand feeding mouth plastic bags are inserted into the fixing fork filling machine, press the start button and start filling, cover drawing, automatic filling machine filling process in vacuum filling, and achieve the quantitative value, automatic stop and automatic capping and filling machine, filling process was completed by hand bag unloading from fixed fork, then put in the carton box next to the end of the process.