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Intelligent flow controller
Update time:2017-04-24

      YLJ -p liquid flow metering control instrument by our company independently developed and patented, its main function is: volume collection piping instrument signals and temperature changes, internal CPU high speed operation, the calculation results for the quality, according to the set of quantitative numerical, automatic control stop pump valve, in order to achieve the requirement of quantitative and quantitative filling, suitable for all kinds of liquid filling the quantitative measurement control, high measuring accuracy (0.2%), including vehicular flow metering control system, floor type flow measuring quantitative liquid automatic transmission control system, workshop, hair oil and refined oil flow metering control system, chemical liquid fertilizer measurement control system.

Liquid flow meter features:

1. The liquid flow metering device is applied the latest way of microcomputer technology and unique design has realized the dynamic tracing of a wide range of temperature (20 ℃ to 153 ℃), the density compensation, computer automatic tracking adjust capacity of oil temperature and density change, and makes the oil quality and produce error, along with the change of temperature and density measurement precision is better than the national standard 0.2 magnitude measurement precision (0.2%) or less;

2. The large capacity of main chip to make the speed, higher precision and more stable performance, operation more convenient, and the data is never lost, but also with a large screen LCD monitor, remote control, and computer network to realize scientific management, and many other advantages;

3.To view or print the amount of oil at any time, the cumulative total and the total accumulated data;

4.After an unexpected power outage is restarted, the final payment of oil is shown to avoid disputes with customers;

5.The instrument can be started or stopped by cable or wireless remote control. Suitable for liquid chemical, edible oil, lubricating oil, emulsion, food, juice, etc.