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Reaction kettle batching system
Update time:2017-05-05

      Weighing type reaction kettle batching system can quickly and accurately complete liquid and powder material of quasi dynamic measurement, there are many kinds of liquid and powder at the same time for real-time measurement of quality, and the working condition of each link data records, statistics, summary and printing, etc. The system can manually or automatically and accurately accomplish the reaction kettle feeding, frequency mixing and unloading expect the finished cans, finished filling in the barrel, barrel, tank car, such as tasks, is widely used in chemical, oil, food processing, dairy, juice, feeding, filling and pipeline construction industries of precise measurement and automatic control.

Weighing system characteristics:

1.The use of continuous dynamic measurement for the quantitative measurement and efficiency of solid, liquid and powdery materials;

2. The work station of centralized control, friendly man-machine interface configuration software, the operator can be in the control room to monitor the working state of the production line, always finish all operations, improve work efficiency and the speed of the abnormal situation;

3.It is more convenient, safe and reliable to communicate with the upper control machine and PLC;

4.The production and management software function is strong, can complete various production formula management, process real-time control, abnormal alarm and production data management function;

5. Upgrade extend convenient: if the user needs to expand existing systems, simply install the new system of sensors, valves, control line lead access control room work station, and increase the corresponding function module in the aspect of software, simple and quick.

      With tank pressure, liquid level detection, in the raw material tank and finished product tank can be installed level gauge, pressure sensor, centralized control center to liquid level, pressure, such as real-time monitoring, to avoid accidents.